Superior Inspirations by Kathryn Lund Johnson - Specializing in Upper Peninsula Images    

April 1998  Michigan Natural Resources -- Article and 3 Photos: "How Wildflowers Adapt for Survival"

February 1999  Michigan Natural Resources -- Photo: Indian paintbrush

September 1999  Nature Photographer --  Photo: Pinecone dangling from maple

January 2000  The American Gardener (The magazine of the American Horticultural Society) -- Article and 1 Photo: "Plants That Turn Up The Heat"

July 2000  Nature Photographer -- Photo: Interrupted fern

July 2001  The American Gardener -- Article and Photo: "Compost Critters: The Invisible Life of the Compost Pile"

2001-2002  Calendar published by Michigan First Credit Union  -- 7 Wildflower Photos

May 2002  The American Gardener -- Book Review: "Insects and Gardens: In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology" by Eric Grissell

July 2002  The American Gardener -- Article and 10 Photos "Growing Ferns from Spores"

Spring 2004  Whisper in the Woods -- Article and 5 Photos "In Pursuit of Survival: Adaptations of Michigan's Spring Wildflowers"

May 2004  The American Gardener -- Book Review: "The Earth Moved: On the Remarkable Achievements of Earthworms" by Amy Stewart

Spring 2005  Northern Woodlands -- Article and 5 Photos -- "A Head Start for Spring Wildflowers"

September 2005  The American Gardener -- Article and 3 Photos: "Outlandish Outgrowths: The Curious World of Plant Galls"

Spring 2006  Northern Woodlands -- Photo: Six-spotted tiger beetle

Spring 2006  The Place You Call Home (a Northern Woodlands Publication) -- Photos: Round-leaved sundew, Hole in tree trunk

Summer 2006  Northern Woodlands -- Photo: Ichneumon wasp

July 2006  The American Gardener -- Article: "Things That Go Blink in the Night"

January 2007  The American Gardener -- Article and 3 Photos: "Flying Fossils: Intriguing Dragonflies are Welcome Garden Guests"

Spring 2007  Northern Woodlands -- Article and Photo: "The Ants Go Marching..."

July 2007 The American Gardener -- Article: "Breaking the Stranglehold of Dodder"

July 2008  The American Gardener -- Article: "Understanding Slugs is Key to Control"

Winter 2009  Northern Woodlands -- Photo: Birch trees in winter

January 2010  The American Gardener -- Article and 1 photo: "Making Space for Garden Spiders"

Spring 2010  Northern Woodlands -- Article: "When Ice Melts, Lakes Spring Back to Life"

Volume 11, Number 3 (Summer 2016) Michigan Blue -- Photo: Laughing Whitefish Falls


Pamphlets for Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, Hastings, MI  1 Photo & Southwest Michigan Land Conservancy, Portage, MI  5 Photos

Numerous Articles and Photos for "Wildflowers," the newsletter of the Wildflower Association of Michigan (former editor)

Photos in Juried Art Shows: Battle Creek (MI) Art Center (1x) and Ella Sharp Museum, Jackson, MI (2x)